Frequently Asked Questions

  • 24 hour access to booking GP appointments
  • 24 access to ordering repeat prescriptions
  • 24 hour access to your medical record
  • Ability to share your complete medical record with whomever you choose from your health care professionals, carers, family and friends
  • Library of information relating to your health needs
  • Virtual consultations 

Once you have downloaded the NHS App, you will need to set up your NHS login if you have not already got one.

You will need one of the following documents to set this up:

  • a passport
  • a UK driving licence (full or provisional)
  • a European driving licence (full)
  • a European national identity card

Or you can use the details your GP surgery gave you when you registered for their GP online services.

[In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, please do not visit your GP unless you are going for a necessary healthcare need. Do not visit if you only need help with the NHS App - please visit the support pages or contact us instead]

The Notts NHS App is different because it allows all of your care providers to read and edit your information if you share it with them. The NHS in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire chose to develop this with PKB because it is the most secure and advanced system which offers you more services than your GP Online Access and they all can be found in one single app.

It will allow you to have more information about your health and care and more control of how you use NHS services. Follow the link to Chitra's story to see how the Notts NHS App can improve your experience of the NHS.

The NHS takes the security of patients’ personal information very seriously. Your personal information is used to confirm your identity and set up your NHS login. This is done in line with data protection laws. Your information will not be shared without your consent. It is stored securely, in a way that follows the NHS login privacy notice.

Patients Know Best is also covered by the Data Protection Act and operates within strict NHS security standards. Your record is encrypted so that only you and those you choose to share it with can see what’s on it.

To find out more about Security and privacy visit:

Information processed as part of your I.D. verification will be stored by NHS Digital for one year, starting from the date we verify the details on your account. After this, your proof of identity information will be securely deleted.

The information stored includes a photo of your passport or driving licence and a short video. More information can be found in the NHS login privacy notice at  

No, this will not affect the care you already receive from us. Instead, it's designed to improve your care and experience, help you to be more involved in decisions, get better explanations from us, and give you the tools to manage your care safely at home.


Yes, family members and carers can, with your consent, register on your behalf. However, they should not use their own email account to do this. 

If you want the family member or carer to have access to your record they can be added in the "sharing" section.  This will allow them to set up their own account and allow you to control the level of access they have to your record.  Your GP also needs to register you for proxy access. Please use this PKB user guide for step by step instructions.

You can log in to the NHS App using a different account. You'll need to log in each time with the different sign in details.

Yes, you can delete your account online by visiting and clicking on 'deleting your account'. You’ll need to log in using the same sign-in details that you use for the app. Once logged in, you can then delete your account. Please note that uninstalling the app is not deleting your account.

Yes, you can access NHS App services from the browser on your desktop or laptop computer here.

The Notts App and Patients Know Best (PKB) is an individualised Personal Health and Care Record that is specific to you. To successfully create your NHS App and PKB account, you will need to have you own e-mail address specific to you. Therefore, not one that is shared between you and your partner.

If you do not have a specific e-mail address, it is quick, easy and free to create one. There are multiple e-mail providers available where you can create one. Some recommended providers are:

Google mail =


Microsoft Outlook =  (click on ‘create a new email address’)


Yahoo Mail =


There are many more to choose from, it is your choice in where you create your e-mail address. Once you have created your e-mail address, make a note of it to remember it. For example:

You will then be able to register for your own NHS App and Personal Health and Care Record account.

Yes!  The Notts NHS App has been developed to meet the needs of patients. Connected Nottinghamshire carried out two years of research with the public and found that you would like a single app that contains all of your health and care related activity. This is our mandate for developing the Notts NHS App.

The Notts NHS App has patient wellbeing at the heart of everything it provides, so continuing our collaboration with patients is incredibly important.  The Notts NHS App has a Patient Advisory Group that meets monthly to review current and planned functionality, communications plans and the security of the Notts NHS App. If you are a patient who is interested in the development of the Notts NHS App and wishes to contact our Patient Advisory Group, please contact them here

Documents such as hospital appointment letters are sent as attachments within Patients Know Best. These are in ‘pdf’ format which can be opened by most web browsers (e.g. Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge). If you have a problem with opening the attachment, you can try again by using a different web browser or device to access your account.

On Apple and Android mobile devices, you can also download different pdf reader apps through the App Store or Google Play.

If you are still unable to open the attachment, you can select the ‘Report Document Error’ button on the screen in Patients Know Best. This will send a message to your healthcare provider who can make sure you receive the message by other means (for example, posting a letter).

You can see immunisations and vaccination information, such as your Covid-19 vaccine’s in the NHS App. Depending on which clinical system your GP Practice uses, you can either find this information via ‘Consultation and Events’ or ‘Medicines’. Follow one of the two step by step processes below or click here to see a helpful guide;


  1. Select Your Health, click on GP Health Record, press Continue, select Consultations and events
  2. Select Your Health, click on GP Health Record, press Continue, select Medicines, select Acute (short-term) medicines


If you cannot see this information through one of the two step by step processes mentioned above, you will need to contact your GP surgery and request access to your detailed coded record. You’ll only need to do this once to view information like test results, immunisations and more.

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